CP09-high quality corten steel planters for landscaping

Corten steel planters are a unique planter material made from Corten steel, which contains alloy elements such as copper, chrome and nickel for extreme durability and natural corrosion resistance. the unique texture and colour of Corten steel planters change over time, creating a beautiful rusted finish that blends in with its surroundings. It sells itself as a stylish and practical planter choice because it is beautiful and durable, suitable for outdoor use and does not require extra care and maintenance.
Corten steel
Standard and customized sizes are acceptable
Standard and customized sizes are acceptable
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Corten Steel Outdoor Planter Pot

Corten steel planters are a popular outdoor decorative item, prized for their unique appearance and outstanding durability. corten steel is a naturally occurring weathering steel covered with a naturally occurring rust layer that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects the steel from further corrosion. This steel is extremely weather and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments.

The innovation of the Corten steel planter is that it adds a unique contemporary and natural look to your outdoor space. Its rust-coated look brings an element of nature to the outdoor environment with a modern twist, making it ideal for use in contemporary style gardens, decks and patios. Its durability also makes it a great choice for outdoor decor, whether it is in harsh weather conditions or has withstood years of exposure to the elements, it will maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.
In addition, Corten steel planters are also customisable, so you can choose different shapes and sizes to suit your outdoor environment and plant species. You can even combine them with other outdoor decorations and furniture to create a perfect outdoor space.

 steel planter
Excellent corrosion resistance
No need of maintenance
Practical but simple
Suitable for outdoors
Natural appearance
Why choose corten steel planter pot?
1.With excellent corrosion resistance, corten steel is an idea material for outdoor garden, it becomes harder and stronger when exposed to weather over time;
2.AHL CORTEN steel planter pot needs no maintenance, which means you do not need to worry about the cleaning matter and its lifespan;
3.Corten steel planter pot is designed simple but practical, it can be widely used in garden landscapes.
4.AHL CORTEN flower pots are eco-friendly and sustainable,while it's decorative aesthetic and unique rust color make it eye-catching in your green garden.
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