Corten Steel
Weathering steel, most famously known as COR-TEN steel and sometimes written directly as "Corten steel", is a group of alloy steel which can form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years.
BBQ Grill
Created with high-quality weather resistant corten steel, AHL CORTEN BBQ grill gives you the flexibility to do outdoor cooking like steaming, boiling, grilling or searing with entertainment and warm do it by yourself experience.
Fire pit
At AHL CORTEN, each corten steel fire pit is individually made to order for client, our various fire pit models and wide ranges of colors offer multifunctionality.
Garden Screen & Fencing
Anhuilong corten steel screens are mainly used for parks and gardens, office buildings, airports, schools, banks, exhibition centers, government agencies, securities, car exhibition hall, and library and so on.
Garden Lights
AHL CORTEN’s new series of garden light can not only create exquisite shadow art, but also provide a central focus ornament in any landscape both day and night.
Steel Planter Pot
Corten steel flower pots&planter is made of corten steel,Which can be used to plant different kinds of flowers and widely used in garden. With the cone shape and simple design, it brings a new touch of style to your home or garden. Corten Steel Planter is designed in simple but practical, which is popular in Australia and European countries. 
Garden Edging
Adding the texture of Corten Steel to a garden with edging really brings the space together. Plus, as the steel morphs with the elements, the plants behind it will compliment the subtle greens that develop on the surface from weathering.
Garden Water Feature
Adding the texture of Corten Steel to a garden with edging really brings the space together. Plus, as the steel morphs with the elements, the plants behind it will compliment the subtle greens that develop on the surface from weathering.
Metal Art
The combination of rusty looking corten steel with sculptures makes a unique metal art that well matched the natural environment, it also improves the sense of hierarchy for landscape.
Other Garden Ornament
AHL CORTEN enhance your landscape design with raw materials of corten steel as metal garden ornaments, which can help to make your garden more vivid and interesting with the most appropriate decorations.
AHL Corten Group
Company Profile
AHL Corten Group is located in Technology Development Zone,Anyang City, Henan Province. Anyang is one of China's eight ancient capitals, state-level historical and cultural city in the world.AHL has been focusing on deep processing of steel and weathering steel corrosion resistant research with more than 10 years experience.AHL is the only enterprise which has the professional pre-rusted technology in Henan. Receiving acknowledgeable reputation at home and abroad…
How to irrigate corten steel planter bed
Take your corten steel garden bed to the next level by installing irrigation. Irrigation on your planting bed will enable you to water automatically so you will never forget to water the plants. In addition, you can add a watering system to your irrigation pipes to create the perfect watering schedule by controlling the timing and amount of water your plants can supply, so you can sit back and relax and watch your little gem lettuce grow.
corten steel planter
How do I prevent weathering steel from rusting my paving?
In recent years, the natural sheen of weathering steel has become increasingly popular as its subtle orange and brown hues complement a more natural approach to landscaping and garden sculpture. Perhaps the most famous example is Antony Gormley's Angel of the North at Gateshead, although it is widely used in many less grandiose Settings such as private and public gardens, parks and terraces.
Why use a corten steel planter?
In recent years, landscape designers have been attracted to the charm of weathering steel. The clean lines it creates in the yard and its beautiful, rustic decor are a major draw, and for good reason. But if you're not prepared to let a professional landscaper install custom work for you, then consider looking for some weathering steel planters.
corten steel planter
When should you use corten steel planter?
So far we have talked about using weathering steel in a good planter, but there are many more uses for weathering steel. You can have weathering steel countertops, wall paneling, trellises, fences, wall finishes and trim. Weathering steel is versatile, giving gardeners a unique aesthetic, looking great with patio accessories such as fire pits, and acting as an ornament for fountains. The texturing of the panels ensures that elements of the outdoors remain, and over time you will have a changing, modern, and unique look for your garden throughout the year. When it comes to weathering steel, th
How to get a great steel plantation look
Corten Steel planter beds have had their moment in the garden, but many questions remain about such a popular feature. Are they edible? What about rust stains? What else can you do with AHL? If you are interested in adding corten steel planters to your garden, there are many things to consider, from budget to location. Here's what you need to know before you get started.
corten steel fire ball
Metal Sphere Fire Ball-centerpiece for outdoor space
A fire pit ball is a metal sphere fire pit, but more than a fire pit, it can be a piece of art for outdoor space that will compliment any atmosphere
The function of screens
The screen is an important furniture and ornament. Its shape, pattern and text in the ancient Chinese living room, contains a lot of cultural information, which can not only express the elegant taste of the literati
ASTM A588 structural steel
ASTM A588 structural steel
A588 steel is well known for its weathering ability. When exposed to external conditions, its corrosion-resistant properties become stronger, even when unpainted.