BG14-Black Painted Corten BBQ For Cooking

The black galvanised steel barbecue is a deep black colour. This colour is both textured and not overly ostentatious, making it perfect for outdoor barbecue settings. Galvanised steel is a durable material with properties such as rust and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the black-finished grill has a stronger surface that is less likely to wear, peel or fade, and will not show visible deformation or cracks over time.
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High Temperature Black Painted
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The black galvanised steel grill is a modern and practical piece of grilling equipment. It is made of galvanised steel with a black finish, giving it a subdued, understated appearance. The grill is popular for its physical properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance, as well as its simplicity, durability and ease of cleaning.
Artistically, the black galvanised steel barbecue shows off the characteristics of modern design. Its simple, clear lines reflect the idea of a modernist style that emphasises functionality and materiality. At the same time, the black galvanised steel barbecue also incorporates a certain industrial style, presenting a robust, sturdy and rugged appearance that evokes a powerful and resolute quality. In terms of design, the black galvanised steel barbecue focuses on the unity of practicality and aesthetics, meeting the functional requirements of barbecuing as well as creating a comfortable, self-contained barbecue environment.
In foreign table cultures, barbecuing is a very important way of preparing and enjoying food. Especially in countries such as the USA, Australia and South Africa, barbecue culture has become an essential way of life. People like to grill all kinds of food such as kebabs, chicken wings and prawns on the barbecue grill during weekends, holidays or outdoor activities. In addition, while barbecuing, people also like to chat and drink while eating, enjoying the smell of nature and the warmth of family.
Including Necessary Accessories
Flat Grid
Raised Grid
Easy install and easy move
Better cooking
Easy to use and easy to clean
Why choose a barbecue grill made of AHL galvanised steel?

Corrosion resistance: Galvanised steel is coated with zinc, which effectively prevents the steel from rusting due to exposure to air, thus extending the life of the barbecue grill.
High temperature resistance: BBQ grills need to withstand high temperatures when in use, and the galvanised steel material has good resistance to high temperatures, which effectively prevents the grill from being deformed or damaged.
Aesthetically pleasing: The black painted galvanised steel material provides a stylish and attractive appearance to the grill.
Easy to clean: The black painted galvanised steel material has a smooth surface and is easy to clean, keeping the barbecue hygienic and tidy.
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