Garden Edging-Above Ground

After setting up the garden edge, hold all the garden components in place on the garden edge above ground,while the underground part of the edging prevents plant roots from growing outside the garden plant bed. And keep them grow on the garden bed. The upper edge of the material prevents soil and mulch from being washed or blown out of the garden area. Keeping garden ingredients helps keep plants healthy and growing in garden beds, and it also helps your garden look beautiful.
Corten steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel
Normal Thickness:
1.6mm or 2.0mm
Standard and customized sizes are acceptable
Standard and customized sizes are acceptable
Rust / Natural
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The corten steel garden edging is made of a kind of weathering steel. This steel requires no maintenance. It is suitable for making products in outdoor,and it also can be used for extremely long lasting. The color in its surface is rust-like color. which also give your garden a natural landscape. AHL CORTEN dedicates ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit every garden.
Ideal for
  • Organic and flowing lines
  • Raised, curved feature garden beds 
  • Kitchen garden beds 
  • Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers 
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking 
  • Connecting to Rigidline range 
Easy installation
Various colors
Flexible shapes
Durable and stable
Environmental protection
Why choose corten steel garden edging?
1.As a kind of weathering steel,this steel has higher quality of corrosion resistance and weathering resistance.Not only can save your time and money,also can be used for extremely long time in outside.
2.Every garden edging is flexible enough to form shape you want. You can change the length and shape of the corten steel garden edging to suit your needs or your garden.
3.There are some sturdy spikes in the base of corten steel garden edging,these spikes can be inserted into the ground .It is so stable in the ground that can withstand the wind.
4.Weathering steel is an environmentally friendly material that is not harmful to the soil environment,protecting the healthy growth of your garden.
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