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Germany Planter Pot Delivered on Time

Germany Planter Pot Delivered on Time

Corten steel planters come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, offering versatility in design options. Whether you prefer sleek, modern designs or classic and elegant shapes, there's a Corten steel planter to suit your unique style and gardening needs.
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Customer Information
Name: ZHU 
Country: Germany 
Status: Purchasing Manager 
Customer Situation: Distributor, Customer is selling palm trees
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1. Background 

Mr. Zhu is a purchasing manager for a German company specializing in the sale of palm trees. As a distributor, Mr. Zhu is always looking for unique and high-quality products to increase his sales portfolio. On the Alibaba platform, Mr. Zhu posted a large number of inquiries, hoping to find a corten steel flower pot suitable for palm trees. 

2. Professional response and trust building 

Among many suppliers, we responded quickly and professionally to Mr. Zhu's inquiry, providing detailed product information and professional advice. Our positive attitude and professionalism have won high praise from Mr. Zhu, who is very satisfied with our service. 

3. Product Advantages and Market Development 

Knowing that Mr. Zhu wanted to expand the product line, we introduced to him the advantages and selling points of weathering steel flower pots. By showcasing actual product photos and success stories from our factory, we highlighted the uniqueness of the weathering steel planter and highlighted what differentiates it from other material pots. However, due to his lack of understanding of the market situation of weathering steel flower pots, Mr. Zhu decided to try it with a small batch order.

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