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Why are Corten steel planters popular?
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 Weather-resistant steel flower POTS are a popular choice for homeowners and commercial facilities for several reasons. Weathering steel, also known as weathering steel or weathering steel, is favored by architects and landscape designers for its durability and modern industrial appearance. So using a weather-resistant steel flower basin is an easy way to add a modern industrial feel to your backyard or yard. Over time, the weathering steel forms a golden-brown rust that protects the pot from corrosion. Durability is another reason cotten POTS are an excellent choice for gardening. Unlike painted POTS, which can easily be scratched with shovels and other gardening tools, Cotten is more resistant to scratches and dents. If you happen to scratch a weather-resistant pot, the steel will regain its sheen and uniform texture in a few weeks, thus hiding all visible marks and scratches. In addition, corten POTS can be left outside in all seasons without cracking due to heat or cold.

Weather resistant steel flower basin can be paired with countertops, casters, latticework and laser-cut weathering steel screens.