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How to irrigate corten steel planter bed
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Take your corten steel garden bed to the next level by installing irrigation. Irrigation on your planting bed will enable you to water automatically so you will never forget to water the plants. In addition, you can add a watering system to your irrigation pipes to create the perfect watering schedule by controlling the timing and amount of water your plants can supply, so you can sit back and relax and watch your little gem lettuce grow.

Here are 3 ways to irrigate elevated weathering steel flower beds:

Miniature sprayers - provide a large water output in a short time and can be opened and closed separately to control planting bed areas that need watering.

Drip irrigation line - provides a low maintenance watering solution that distributes water evenly to the base of the plant.

Drip irrigation with pressure - compensating emitter - provides accurate water flow regardless of pressure changes due to long rows or terrain changes.
Different types of corten steel planter 2022-Jul-22