Outdoor Corten steel BBQ griddle and grill
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BBQ Grills for Australia Funiture Supplier

BBQ Grills for Australia Funiture Supplier

Our Corten steel BBQ grills boast a distinctive appearance that blends seamlessly with the rustic beauty of Australia's diverse landscapes. The natural rusted finish not only adds an authentic charm but also ensures durability against the elements.
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BBQ Grill
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Customer Information

Country: Australia 
Identity: Decision Maker 
Customer Situation: The customer sells furniture and wants to expand the product
Products: BBQ, stainless steel lifting frame, stove, retaining plate

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1. Background 

The customer "SCHOTS HOME EMPORIUM" is located in Australia and is a company focusing on furniture sales. As a decision-maker of the enterprise, he is always looking for a product line that can be expanded to increase the market competitiveness of the enterprise. On Alibaba's platform, customers were exposed to our products for the first time and became interested in BBQ. 

2. Initial contact and challenges 

After the initial contact, the customer showed a strong interest in our BBQ. However, when we provided the retail price list, the customer felt that the price was too high, leading to a communication breakdown. We understand our customers' concerns because cost control is essential for any business. 

3. Continuous communication and product display

Continuous communication and product display Despite the challenges, we did not give up. We send our customers pictures of our BBQ and other products now and then in the hope of rekindling their interest. Gradually, customers began to take an interest in more products, including wood stoves and edging. This communication phase lasted for more than half a year, and we always maintained patience and enthusiasm. 

4. Breakthrough and trust-building 

In September this year, we once again put forward a proposal to the customer to place a test order. The customer said it would take a month to consider. In October, we started to discuss in detail with our customers the required products and quantities. After full communication and negotiation, the customer placed the order and paid at the end of October. This process is a testament to our customer's trust in our products and our company.

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Technical Parameter

Product name

Corten steel outdoor fire pit BBQ grill

Product Number


Cooking plate










Optional accessories

Grill, lid, spatula, gloves

Specification Catalogue

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