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The function of screens
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 The screen is an important furniture and ornament. Its shape, pattern and text in the ancient Chinese living room, contains a lot of cultural information, which can not only express the elegant taste of the literati, but also contains the profound connotation of the prayer. The screens are displayed in the hall, living room, as the indoor wall; or placed in the table case, beside the windows, adding interest to the room and the study. These new works of various types of screen can be used as long-term furnishings indoors, decorative halls. They can beautify the palace, light the environment for life and add vitality and fun.

1, the windshield function: This is the first screen function. Ancient people in China slept on the indoor floor, in order to prevent the cold wind when sleeping, the screen of this furniture appeared. The screen often used together with the seats, bed couch in ancient China, the screen would be placed on the both sides of the bed, in order to reduce the force of wind.

2, "Patron" function: the early stage of the screens became a symbol of power, which gave the physical and psychological security of the emperor. Many large screens, as a symbol of the status, must exist in some specific occasions. In the back of the seat usually put a screen, which means "patron". Such as the Imperial Palace Yang Sin Dian, the screen furnishings are also derived from these meanings

3, the entrance cut off function: With the widespread use of the screen, it gradually become movable in the interior of the building as the delicate cut off. People will place screens in different parts of the room, the location of different place has different significance.

4, shielding function: the screen can play the role of shelter. For example, in the bedroom door people put a screen, both for hanging hood clothes, but also blocking the outside line of sight, to avoid embarrassment. Screens can be also used to cover the place where the debris placed at home, the screen can play a modest role.

5, decorative features: In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, screens were used from the practical to the decorative transition, the screen is no longer just a simple shield of the wind, but evolved into a very decorative works of art, more ornamental.

6, inscription function: the function of the ancient screen is much more than today. It is very common to write an inscription on the screen in ancient times.

The screen carries the material and spiritual beauty, embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture and classical craftsmanship. It is worthy of our appreciation and research..

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